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Interesting Facts About Arachnids

There are 350,000 types of spider species.  Spiders are commonly mistaken from insects but are in fact a part of the arachnid family.  Their characteristics that make them arachnids are their 8 legs and they do not have wings nor antennas.  Other arachnids include harvestmen, mites, ticks and scorpions.  There are various spider types with varying characteristics, living conditions and ways of life.  Some hide their egg sacs in safe places, whereas other female spiders travel with their egg sacs.  Some spiders prefer to weave their silk webs in bright lighting whereas others like theirs in dark inconspicuous places some even close to the ground.  Some spiders live underwater throughout their entire life until they surface for a bubble of air which acts as an underwater lung.  Underwater spiders fill their bell shaped webs with bubbles made of oxygen.  There are also fisher spiders which are able to walk across the surface of bodies of water by striding.  They quickly capture their prey (tiny insects) under the surface of water.  Some spiders are capable of ballooning, or pulling out their silk and allow themselves to be carried away by the wind.  A typical spider has a lifespan of a year yet some live past that expectancy.  Most male spiders are as small as spiderlings, or baby spiders.  Some have attractive colorful bodies designed to attract female mates.  Others like the black widow spider may dance to capture the attention of their mate.  The black widow spider is at risk of becoming the female black widow’s meal after mating hence the nickname. Interesting, huh?

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Bed Bugs, they’re everywhere!

Since the ancient days of Greece, the alarming creepy crawlies known as bed bugs have been around stressing the owners of their residence with their presence.  These infamous parasites are known to spread infection, cause irritation and itch from their bites and cause havoc in the residential and commercial surroundings they reside in.  Bed bugs are easy to obtain in various surroundings but so difficult to get rid of.

Here are some of the many places bed bugs can be found:

·         Work place

·         Office

·         Religious Facilities

·         Schools

·         Chain Food Stores

·         Restaurants

·         Mattress Companies

·         Retail Stores

·         Small Shops

·         Large Corporations

·         Movie Theaters

·         Lounges

·         Municipal Buildings

·         Furniture Stores

·         And a million and one other locations

Bed bugs can travel on your clothes and come home with you.  They are very easy to get but unfortunately they are also very cumbersome and hard to get rid of.  For a professional and effective bed bugs removal job call a licensed and insured bed bugs control technician for professional assistance. Call Long Island City Exterminator for bed bugs inspection and treatment.  We eradicate bed bugs 100% and warranty our work to safeguard your purchase. The technicians from Long Island City Exterminators have years of experience and can perform safely without damaging your property or belongings.  Long Island City Exterminator is the leading pest control company in all of Queens, NY because of our professional services and affordable prices.  We are the leading Queens pest control company because we value our customers as our top priority and seek to gain long term business relationships.

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Keep Roaches Away

      Although it is alarming to see a roach in someone’s home, it is not uncommon nor unheard of.  Roaches tend to infest houses where there is food laying around or clutter.  Although they live all year ‘round, roaches tend to thrive more in the summer time.  There are many steps you can do in order to roach proof your home.  Cleanliness is key when it comes to keeping your home roach and pest free. Do not leave food hanging around your house.  Keep trash bins elevated if possible.  When finished using food put it away in a container with an air tight lid.  This goes for dog and cat food as well in the evening when they do not finish their food.  Frequently take out the trash, indoors and outdoors.  Make sure there are no left overs laying around.  Also if there are any leaks in the pipes, fix them right away.  Any type of water entities like a pond or fountain or even the gutters of your home should be maintained.  Any type of leaks or water accumulation will result in not only cockroach infestation but rodents and other pests as well.  It is important that all of the pipes are sealed and functioning properly.

            For all other pest control inquiries please contact Long Island City Exterminator.  We are the leading pest control company in Long Island City, NY because we provide top notch inspection, pest control treatment and prevention services for the lowest rates.  For over the past decade, our local pest control company has remained Long Island City’s favorite!