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Interesting Facts About Arachnids

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There are 350,000 types of spider species.  Spiders are commonly mistaken from insects but are in fact a part of the arachnid family.  Their characteristics that make them arachnids are their 8 legs and they do not have wings nor antennas.  Other arachnids include harvestmen, mites, ticks and scorpions.  There are various spider types with varying characteristics, living conditions and ways of life.  Some hide their egg sacs in safe places, whereas other female spiders travel with their egg sacs.  Some spiders prefer to weave their silk webs in bright lighting whereas others like theirs in dark inconspicuous places some even close to the ground.  Some spiders live underwater throughout their entire life until they surface for a bubble of air which acts as an underwater lung.  Underwater spiders fill their bell shaped webs with bubbles made of oxygen.  There are also fisher spiders which are able to walk across the surface of bodies of water by striding.  They quickly capture their prey (tiny insects) under the surface of water.  Some spiders are capable of ballooning, or pulling out their silk and allow themselves to be carried away by the wind.  A typical spider has a lifespan of a year yet some live past that expectancy.  Most male spiders are as small as spiderlings, or baby spiders.  Some have attractive colorful bodies designed to attract female mates.  Others like the black widow spider may dance to capture the attention of their mate.  The black widow spider is at risk of becoming the female black widow’s meal after mating hence the nickname. Interesting, huh?

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