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Keep Roaches Away

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      Although it is alarming to see a roach in someone’s home, it is not uncommon nor unheard of.  Roaches tend to infest houses where there is food laying around or clutter.  Although they live all year ‘round, roaches tend to thrive more in the summer time.  There are many steps you can do in order to roach proof your home.  Cleanliness is key when it comes to keeping your home roach and pest free. Do not leave food hanging around your house.  Keep trash bins elevated if possible.  When finished using food put it away in a container with an air tight lid.  This goes for dog and cat food as well in the evening when they do not finish their food.  Frequently take out the trash, indoors and outdoors.  Make sure there are no left overs laying around.  Also if there are any leaks in the pipes, fix them right away.  Any type of water entities like a pond or fountain or even the gutters of your home should be maintained.  Any type of leaks or water accumulation will result in not only cockroach infestation but rodents and other pests as well.  It is important that all of the pipes are sealed and functioning properly.

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